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Our tradition promotes the future

The Winery

For us, striving for quality means respecting traditions while being open towards science and technology. Over time, the winery has been developed and transformed to become a modern infrastructure capable of producing high quality wine, at the same time safeguarding the original facilities to show respect to our family history. We think that continuous self-improvement and attention to details are what makes a business stand out.

Our path to sustainability

Sostenuto Assai

Caring for the people we work with and the environment around us has always been our most defining trait. It was only natural for us to start working with the local university a while ago and launch a sustainability project aimed at protecting the reality around us and working towards a more sustainable future.
For us, sustainability means offering training opportunities to our grape suppliers with the help of our agronomist and incentivize organic grape production across the valley; it means believing in education and organise cultural events open to everyone; respecting our territory and promote scientific research to preserve it. This and much more is part of our social responsibility. We are convinced we have a responsibility towards the future, that we must give back to the Earth and dignify the man and his labour.

Signs of improvement

The certifications

International Food Standard We obtained the IFS certification in 2012, after a long and challenging process. Our strive for self-improvement and growth is what made us auditing our production chain via the IFS. We were certified with the highest score, which we’ve been maintaining ever since.

Organic Certification In line with our sustainability project, we started working with organic grapes of Trebbia Valley in 2011. The unaltered, unique territory of our valley motivated us to preserve its biodiversity and appreciate its produce even more. The winery has been certified for organic wine production and since 2017 we are making our two most representative wines – Trebbianino Val Trebbia and Barbera – without added sulphites. In 2019 we started the conversion to organic for our own vineyards on the Due Querce estate.

Our consultants

The people

The agronomist

Fabio Bernizzoni is agronomist and consultant for the Fruit & Viticulture institute at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Piacenza. He’s been working with us since 2012 and together we took decisions on our vineyards management, coordinated our personnel and established key growing technics, with close attention to the grapevine canopy management and phytosanitary treatments, always respecting our vines and trying to enhance their unique qualities.

Our sustainability protocol is mainly based on decreasing the environmental impact of viticulture by managing the supply chain first hand and offering training opportunities for all parties involved. Fabio’s contribution culminates with his support during the key stages of harvesting, a labour intense process which identifies with our winemaking philosophy.

The winemaker

Stefano Testa, freelancer winemaker, has been working with us for years. His main role is to contribute to the winemaking process with guidelines addressing each phase of production, starting from the vineyards working with the agronomist, to the post-bottling aging stage in our warehouse.

Each stage of production is analysed and evaluated by a well rounded team which formed over the years. This includes the winemaker, the management team, the wine makers, the laboratory and the quality control team. The wine making process is monitored every week by various tasting and testing.

In the past few years, in line with our commitment to sustainability, we’ve been focussing on making physical treatments more effective, to replace the more traditional and chemical techniques, at the same time maintaining our top quality and preservation.

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