Our story

The founder. Anacleto Bonelli, post WWII man, founded the Bonelli winery right after the war. Maybe unknowingly, he established an activity strongly connected to the territory, for the first time linking all the grape growers of the valley in a unified network and creating a distinctive wine to promote its peculiarity – the Trebbianino Val Trebbia. The path he took in the 1950s would be defined today as sustainability.

Development and tradition

In the 1970s, Anacleto’s activity passed on to his three sons Luciano, Carlo and Censo. These were the years of continuous development and investment in the newest technologies, and it was then that the three brothers acquired the Due Querce vineyard estate and their winery became the reference point for all the wine makers in the valley.

Today With the same dedication as their predecessors, Bonelli’s third generation is committed to maintain and further develop the family business. Always paying respect to their traditions and family example, Franco, Enrico Elena and Andrea focus on innovation and experimentation, constantly improving their ways of working within the supply chain, promoting labour and environmental sustainability as well as launching new products.

The Val Trebbia

The Trebbia Valley. The Bonelli winery is situated in the Trebbia River Park, right at the foot of the Trebbia valley, which connects the Po Valley to the sea through the Apennines. Historically, this was the salt route used by caravans to transport goods to Genua and return with oils and spices. This is why the area is home to many castles, mediaeval villages and the majestic S.Colombano abbey in Bobbio.

This hilly valley sees vineyards alternating to woodland and crops, creating a good model of biodiversity and a balanced ecosystem. Its gravelly soil is the most ancient of all the surrounding areas and is overlooked by majestic magmatic peaks such as the Pietra Parcellara, which stands out for its beauty. Ortrugo and Malvasia di Candia are the two most common autochthonous vine varieties.

The breezy and crisp climate, the soil properties and human perseverance produce grapes with unique aromas, then turned into truly authentic wines.

Sostenuto Assai

Sostenuto assai Caring for the people we work with and the environment around us has always been our most defining trait. It was only natural for us to start working with the local university a while ago and launch a sustainability project aimed at protecting the reality around us and working towards a more sustainable future.

For us, sustainability means offering training opportunities to our grape suppliers with the help of our agronomist and incentivize organic grape production across the valley; it means believing in education and organise cultural events open to everyone; respecting our territory and promote scientific research to preserve it. This and much more is part of our social responsibility. We are convinced we have a responsibility towards the future, that we must give back to the Earth and dignify the man and his labour.

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